WS100 three and five gallon automatic water bottling machine
for sale.

Put your reverse osmosis water to work for you and bottle
& sell the fastest growing bottled water in America. Our
WS100 water bottling machine automatically washes, fills
and caps 3 and 5 gallon bottles for home or office delivery
or water store pickup. Custom made with our own
engineering and specifications.  Four complete wash cycles
and rinse cycles. Bottle then advances to fill area where it is
filled, then capped and out the other side. Fully self
contained with enclosed fill area. Runs off of standard
230V- 30 amp- 60 hz- single phase. The same a s a electric
clothes dryer or electric stove. Built with food grade
stainless steel from top to bottom. Fills 3 & 5 gallon bottles
with electronic adjustable filling. Variable heat temp control
for hot bottle wash, bottle counter, automatic cap sorter,
easy access to all stations through with removeable panels.
Complete with filling pump, just hook it to your water
supply, air compressor, plug it in and start bottling! Full
factory warranty. Satisfied customers all over North
America. Call us and get some of these customers info and
ask them for yourself. Chances are, there is someone close
to you that has our machine and now has better quality
control, no busted bottles, no billing issues, no delivery
issues from their water suppliers and are saving a TON of
money. Take control of your future and bottle your own. Its
easy and we will have you  licensed and up and running in
90 days or less.
$16,995 includes shipping to your door!
(614)   833-5120
Monday thru Saturday  8am-8pm